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January Fun

Monday, January 4th, 2010

January isn’t really brimming with party-worthy holidays, which isn’t a bad thing, given the overdose of celebrating between the end of October and December.  It’s nice to get the house back in order, return life to some semblance of normalcy and allow the comfort of routine to set back in.  With the chill in the air (never-you-mind, my Aussie & NZ readers!), it’s easy to just stay inside and hibernate a bit.  But there are a bunch of fun, oft-ignored reasons to celebrate right here in January that might be just what you need to put a little pep back in your wintery step.

Did you know that January is also:

National Hot Tea Month


photo courtesy of frolic!

Invite some friends over one morning this month to sample some fun flavored teas like Mint Chocolate, Cinnamon Spice, and Peaches & Ginger.  Find out if you really prefer “one lump or two”, or mix it up and sweeten your tea with other options like maple syrup, brown sugar, honey or agave syrup.  Add a few scones, biscotti and muffins.  Visit Harney & Sons to order some yummy REAL tea (not your average grocery store variety).   Print out this clever list of 101 Uses For Tea(who knew?) for each guest on cardstock with a tin of teabags as a thoughtful reminder of this underappreciated “holiday”.

National Oatmeal Month


photo courtesy of Simply Seleta

Baby, it’s cold out there.  Get the kids off to school and invite a few friends over to enjoy a bowl of Irish Oatmeal that you (wisely) put in the crockpot the night before, topped with brown sugar and bananas or fresh berries and cream.  Throw caution to the wind and watch a morning movie while sitting with Exfoliating Oatmeal Masks on your faces.  Or just ask some neighbors to come over and whip up a batch of oatmeal cookies together over a pot of coffee.

National Blood Donor Month


photo courtesy Mix Mingle Glow

Gather a group of buddies for a good cause!  Visit a local blood drive and donate together.  Then, skip the standard stale cookies and apple juice offerings and spike your blood sugar with a dessert party back at your house.  Set up a sundae bar or ask everyone to bring their favorite baked goods!  Eating dessert AND saving a life??  Super sweet!

National Hobby Month


photo courtesy of Ashfield Council

Surely you have some crafty friends.  You, yourself are quite the clever girl.  Call up a few and ask them to show you how they do what they do.  What I love about this is that you really just need one “teacher” at a time.  Maybe everyone admires Rosemary’s newfound knitting skills.  Ask her if she can teach you and few friends her fabulous hobby.  Everyone brings their own knitting needles and you provide the fun yarn.  Next time inspire everyone to dig out their scrapbooks they haven’t touched since Y2K to do a little updating.  I have a friend who loves to use stamps to create beautiful cards and stationery.  Personally, I wouldn’t take it up as a hobby, but it sure is fun to play with her stuff every now and then!  Be sure to invite the pal who’s hobby is baking so you’ll be guaranteed to have some treats too!

Sure it’s fun to get together for the big, expected holidays.  But I find the spontaneous, silly, informal get togethers are often the most memorable.  Don’t let this month pass you by without at least one chance to invite those you love, and who love you, into your home to experience your wonderful hospitality!