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Celebrating Singapore

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010


My darling sister recently moved back to the States after living several years in Singapore.  She loved the time she and her family spent over there.  I did not.  Her adventures in Thailand, Bangkok, Australia among other far off lands while living in Singapore afforded her many interesting stories and artifacts that she very much longed to share with her American friends.  This, of course, was a perfect excuse for a party, I explained. 


Singapore is a unique mix of Thai, Indian and Chinese cultures (with a little bit of American thrown in), so we made sure the food reflected a bit of each.  In addition to asking sister lots of questions, I did a bit of research to learn as much about the country as I could to help give me some party planning guidance.  Tropical flowers and citrus were easy, beautiful, natural accents to the rich tapestries and exquisite souvenirs that decorated the space.  Tealights in small sake cups were a pretty touch.


Foods were clearly marked with the name of the dish along with what country it was from, since many of the guests were self-proclaimed unadventurous diners.  We used some of the gorgeous fabrics she had collected as table coverings as well as large tropical greenery like monstera leaves for accents under the Bambu plates and utensils. 


Of course it goes without saying that the Signature Cocktail of the evening was none other than the famed Singapore Sling, which originated at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore.  Glasses were garnished ahead of time with orange slices and cherries so that they could be easily filled (and refilled!) with the premade pitchers of the yummy cocktail that we made earlier in the day and stored in the fridge.  It was fun to tell guests the story of the Singapore Sling as we poured their drinks.  I love to learn something new at parties, don’t you?


For dessert we just had to bring in the adorable and delicious cupcakes from the Shabby Chic bakery.  After all, there is a bit of American culture mixed into the Singapore lifestyle, although the real reason was that we just wanted a good excuse to try all the amazing flavors Shabby Chic bakery had to offer!  Suffice it to say, no one was disappointed!


While the party was the perfect time for my sister to get reacquainted with old friends and share her adventures, photos and memories with them, it is also the perfect example of how simple it is to throw a party for just about any occasion.  A bit of research (thanks Google!), simple decor, yummy, interesting food and a Signature Cocktail are all you need to host a fun gathering for your friends.


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