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Walk on Water

Monday, August 11th, 2008


Finding outdoor venues with enough room for dining and dancing never ceases to be a huge challenge for event planners.  Here in Florida what little land is available almost always includes a lovely pool.  Even if there is enough room around the pool to set up tables and chairs, where will the dancing commence? 

More and more we are using a technique of covering the surface of the pool by installing a plexiglass top supported by a scaffolding-like base underwater.  The process takes some time and requires a crew of workers willing to get a little wet, but the end result is amazing.  You literally dance on water!  And when the event is over, there is no damage to the pool.

In these photos from a wedding reception where we created such an effect, the floor looks brown because we keep the protective covering on the plexi until right before the event (especially because in this specific case, we were hanging TEN disco balls over head!). 

The finished product


(click on photos for larger views)