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Teacher Appreciation Week

Monday, May 4th, 2009


It snuck up on me yet again, and double shame on me, since (as many of you know) I used to BE a teacher for goodness sakes!  But, here’s the good news:  It’s not too late to do this fun, easy, affordable and CRAFTY little project for those oh-so-important people in our little one’s lives!

Sometime in the last year I stumbled upon this adorable idea from Skip To My Lou and it was one of those “I am SO doing that next year” moments! 

As with most things involving craftiness and creativity, this allows for you to individualize the gift as needed.  In my case, the only daily pill containers that the (rockin’) Dollar Tree had in stock this weekend were circular in shape.  No prob. 


The trick is to find some cute, cool “I-love-it-but-never-would-have-bought-it-for-myself” items to place inside the tiny compartments.  I spent some time meandering the office supply store and Michael’s and then thought it would be nice to choose a piece of jewelry to add to the mix.  What’s nice about this gift is that you can keep it very low cost or add a luxury item like earrings, a charm pendant or a lovely necklace, since they are all small in size too.  I set a price limit and let my children choose necklaces for their teachers (since I couldn’t remember who wore earrings and who didn’t!). 


I came home and created a list of the seven items and came up with clever little sayings (or go here for some great ideas), printed them out, each with a different font and cut them into strips.  I like the idea of wrapping the saying around the daily item, so it can’t been seen ahead of time and ruin the surprise!


Here is what ended up with:

Thank you for your SWEET spirit in the classroom (Hershey’s kiss)

You always get your POINT across with patience and love (decorative thumb tacks)

Just a NOTE to tell you what a wonderful teacher you are (3M mini post-it tabs)

Thank you for always HOLDING everything together (fun shaped paper clips)

You make every subject you teach FASTEN-ating (rhinestone paper fasteners/brads)

Your CHARMING personality makes you a great teacher (necklace)

Even on the tough days, thanks for always STICKING with it (gum)



Lastly, just wrap them up cute and type up a little tag, and you are ready to go! 


Thanks to all those awesome teachers out there who love and care for our children and help us to mold them into amazing people!