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Will Work For Chocolate

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Pssst….hey you…yeah YOU!  I got some scoop for ya today.  Normally you know I just give unconditionally around here.

Well, it’s a new day people.

Before I spill today’s post, you gotta make me a deal.  I’ll lay it on ya, and in return you promise to include ME in the order you will undoubtedly place immediately following the reading of this blog.

Deal?  DEAL!

chocri.JPG I have stumbled upon what may be the most genius concept in the world.  A German chocolatier called Chocrí opened less than 2 years ago and launched it’s AMAZING website in January of this year.  What sets Chocri apart from, well, everyone, is that YOU design the kind of chocolate you want, selecting from 3 different chocolate bases (milk, white or dark) and up to five of over 100 mix-ins.  That’s over 100 billion possible combinations of chocolatey goodness.

HELLO??!  So fun.

The website lets you peruse the ingredients based on category:

FRUIT ~ from cranberries, raisins and dates to banana chips, figs and goji berries

SPICES ~ interesting selections range from the benign (cinnamon, sea salt, bourbon vanilla) to the surprising (chives, jalepeño, rosemary)

NUTS ~ all the expected varieties (peanuts, almonds, macadamias) plus oddities like cashews with cheese-curry coating and spicy volcano nuts

CONFECTIONS ~ mini cookies, caramel drops, toffee and PopRocks, to name just a few

DECOR ~marzipan creations, real gold flakes, sprinkles and even a written message!

GRAINS ~cereals, candied dried flowers, bacon, pretzels and more

Feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities?  Take a deep breath and let Chocrí help you by checking out the Creations page and order from 24 tried-and-true combinations.  You can see what other people have recently ordered and the most popular creations for further inspiration. (click to enlarge)

chocri4.jpg Now, I know what you’re thinking…GERMANY?  The shipping must be ridiculous, right?  Think again, my chocolate loving friends.   Flat fee of $6 to fly that yummy goodness over the Atlantic to your doorstep.

And just in case you need one more reason to love Chocrí, they donate a portion of every sale to DIV Kinder, an organization that supports children at the Ivory Coast, an area that is directly impacted by the cacao industry.  They even give you an opportunity to add a personal donation to every order.  To date Chocrí has donated $42,562.66 to DIV Kinder.  

chocri_kinderdiv.JPG Not only is this just a perfectly perfect idea for Mother’s Day, but you can also buy discounted in bulk, which makes this an awesome idea for weddings and parties!


OK, so now go have fun creating deliciousness on the Chocrí website and don’t forget our deal.

I don’t care for nuts in my chocolate.

I’m just sayin’.