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New Twist on “Old” Ideas

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Everyone wants to do something new, fresh, fun and creative at their wedding.  Way-back-when, newlyweds would feature a slideshow at their wedding reception, capturing photos from their childhoods, through their dating days, up until their wedded bliss.  While some couples are still doing this (after all, what’s old is always new again!), more and more couples started looking for something different to do at their receptions.  Enter the Surprise First Dance.

A quick trip to YouTube will reveal the 68,000 “surprise” wedding dances (no lie, 68,000!) being performed at receptions all over the world.  It couldn’t have been more than a year or so ago that no one had even HEARD of such a thing.  Now even IT’S “old hat” for some.

Dana and Hunter did something a little….well…different.  And quite funny.  If you are the creative (and not at-all-shy) type, this would totally entertain and surprise your guests.  They made a video – an old school rap video – about how they met.  Set to music with a few fun graphics thrown in (a la Fresh Prince of Bel Aire), Hunter penned some funky-fresh lyrics while Digital Princess Productions created a crazy cool video for the wedding guest’s entertainment and a great memento for years to come.  The video was played right before the toasts began and everyone was on their feet cheering by the end.

Here’s to thinking OUTSIDE THE BOX…just because your videographer offers a “love story” video as part of your package, who’s to say it has to be a cheesey, set to music slide show type deal?  A lot videographers are artists in their craft these days and just might surprise you with what they can create for you…but you have to ASK!  Maybe they’ve never thought of such a fun idea before, or maybe they are just waiting for the right couple who would be open to something creative and unique to come along.

The Fresh Hubby of LA from Digital Princess Productions on Vimeo.