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Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Get ready to pass out…. 

Flogos (short for “flying logos”) just might be THE coolest thing I have ever seen.  In fact, I’m gonna go ahead and say it is my Favorite Find on 2009, and I realize it’s only February!  I’d be hard-pressed to find anything cooler this year!

A Flogo is a mysterious combination of bubbles and helium that can be made into any shape, letter or design (and soon, different colors too!).  The image floats into the air and doesn’t pop…it DOESN’T POP!  It will last for up to half an hour and can travel up to 30,000 feet and a distance of 40 miles!  The smaller Flogo machine creates an image every 20 seconds, the larger one goes a little faster.  Before you know it, the sky above is filled with your own custom “clouds”!

Environmentally friendly, you ask?  Check.

Can they make my initials, you wonder?  Check.

Corporations like Apple, Disney and Mercedes are already big fans too.

And just when you thought you couldn’t put your monogram on one more thing!

The video is cool; seeing it up close and personal is amazing.  Super cool fun!  Somebody run get the smelling salts while I watch the video with you again….