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My Favorite Things #2

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

mftagave.jpg If I haven’t already mentioned it, I have a sweet tooth.  LOVE it.

A couple of years ago while working on some events in Los Angeles, a celebrity client mentioned to me how it’s common knowledge in Hollywood that sugar breaks down the collagen in your skin and speeds up wrinkling.  I immediately Googled this factoid and sadly the results agreed.

I decided that I would swear off the white stuff and Splenda would be my new sweetener of choice.  Thank goodness it is widely available.  I must have ingested buckets of the stuff over the following year.  Then I started reading how maybe artificial sweeteners are really too good to be true; maybe really NOT good at all.

So this year I swore off all artificial sweeteners and decided to just try to ingest sugar in moderation.

I discovered AGAVE SYRUPquite by accident- a recipe I had called for it.  Later I tried it in my tea and a few other dishes that called for sugar.  I found it to be quite delicious.  So I did some research and what I discovered, in addition to it’s caramelly-goodness, made AGAVE SYRUP one of My Favorite Things of the year.

*Agave syrup is 100% natural, coming from the agave cactus plant (same plant we get tequila from!)

*While Agave syrup does not have fewer calories than sugar or other natural sweeteners, it is MUCH sweeter, which means you don’t need to use near the amount of sugar you would normally use.

*Agave never crystallizes like honey.  It never spoils or expires in your pantry.  Ever.

*Due to its quick dissolving, Agave syrup is quickly becoming a staple in cocktails and a bartender’s favorite ingredient.

*Agave has a low glycemic index, which means it won’t cause your blood sugar to spike.

I always keep a bottle on hand at home but was thrilled to find individual AGAVE SYRUP sticks to keep in your purse for your on-the-go coffee and tea stops!

See you tomorrow for the last day of My Favorite Things!

UPDATE:  Thanks to Leslie from Leslie Manning Events who alerted me to the fact that some people may have an allergy to the agave cactus plant.  If you have ever had an adverse reaction to tequila, or if you experience any type of allergic response after trying agave syrup, stick with your tried and true sweeteners instead!