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I’m not one for party games (or as I often refer to them, “Forced Fun”).  Not that I am not opposed to having a few fun things planned for guests who WANT to participate.  I just find that people are more likely to join in the fun if it’s not forced upon them.  Guests like to warm up to the idea, and jump in when (and if) they’re ready. 

Take a Baby Shower, for example.  As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, unless you are going for a Retro 1950s feel, just as women have come a long way, so have Baby Showers.  Not only have Couple’s Showers become mainstream, but so have non-traditional themes, colors and foods for the party itself.  Serving alcohol is perfectly acceptable (the Mom-to-be often says, “Just because I can’t drink doesn’t mean my friends should have to abstain, too!”), as are sushi bars, DJs and dancing, and poker tables (for the guys, at least!). 

One game that we offer our Baby Shower clients that has proven to be a HUGE hit over the years, is the Celebrity Baby Game.  We frame a collection of photos of babies as celebs, and provide a stack of answer sheets for guests to fill out at their leisure.  Every celebrity’s name is listed on the answer sheet, so guests have to match the face to the name.  We have found this game works because:

  1. It is eye catching without being distracting (it’s cute enough to stand alone and double as decor)
  2. Everyone thinks they know all the answers
  3. The more people observe others playing it, the more they want to join in
  4. The photos are pretty hilarious

We like to mix it up by including photos of the Mom- and Dad-to-be in the collage.  Guests make their guesses, put their name at the top and drop their answer sheet in a bowl.  Depending on the size of the budget, the guest with the most correct answers at the end of the evening wins a prize (usually a gift card to iTunes/Starbucks/Barnes & Noble).  The truth is, bragging rights is often just as satisfying as winning a prize. 

This kind of game is great for a Couple’s Shower because the guys totally get into it, being the competitive creatures that they are.  If you want to be sure the guys will play, offer up a prize for the top Guy and top Girl (we find a gift card to Home Depot is great incentive for the men to join in!).  We have yet to use this at a shower and NOT have it be a complete success. 

We’ve done this game in many sizes, but the one featured above is the version we used at a recent Baby Shower.  It has a lot of photos, but it was a big party with lots of guests, so it worked perfectly.  Another fun variation is to use photos of children of celebs who have become “famous” in their own right (Shiloh, Suri, Romeo, etc).

*If you use this idea at your next baby shower, don’t forget to have a bunch of pens/pencils available and your answer sheet printed up ahead of time for easy “grading”!

UPDATE:  This game is no longer available.  Apologies for any inconvenience. 

UPDATE:  Due to the amount of requests for this game, we have made it available to you in an awesome kit.  The Celebrity Baby Shower Game can be ordered for $10 plus S&H.  The main piece measures 22.5″x34″ and can either be mounted to a piece of foam core or displayed in a basic poster frame.  You may also customize it to include baby photos of the Mom and Dad-to-be for an additional fee of $5.  An answer key and twenty answer sheets for the shower guests to complete are also included.  To obtain your own copy of the Celebrity Baby Shower Game please email me at robyn@mixmingleglow.com.

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16 Responses to “Hip Baby Shower Game Idea”

  1. SimmonsG Says:

    Answer key? Answer key? Where is the answer key? I guess I will just have to be fortunate enough to be invited to one of your showers. Do you know anyone that just found out they are prego?

  2. Sammie Says:

    Please tell me the cowboy (2nd row from top, all the way to the right) is NOT Barack Obama.

  3. Alexis Says:

    What a creative blog post. Love it!

  4. sia Says:

    I was wondering if you had an answer key because this would be an awesome game. Thanks for sharing !
    email is- tie_sia@hotmail.com


  5. Jessica Cranford Says:

    I need the answer key for the celebrities as babies! Please and thank you

  6. Sheila Adams Says:

    Where do I get the answer sheet?

  7. Amy Says:

    Did anyone get the answer key? these are tough…any help is much appreciated

  8. MixMingleGlow Says:

    WOW! We have been inundated with requests for this game!! If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the Celebrity Baby Shower Game, please email me directly (robyn@mixmingleglow.com). We have been contacting the commenters individually but for future notice, please email for more info!
    Thanks so much!

  9. Jaquitta Tyson Says:

    Where are the answers? My baby shower is dis weekend and I think dis game is a great idea.

  10. Jenny Says:

    What an awesome game!!!

  11. Jill Says:

    Hi has anyone gotten the answers to this recently? I’ve emailed Robyn but haven’t heard anything…

  12. Paul Says:

    Great site, glad I found it :-)

  13. Mary Kubesh Says:

    I would like to have this for my friends baby shower on July 24th, but I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Can you have it delivered to here by the 22nd?

  14. Pamela Cole Says:

    If I could have the answers that would be great, 10.00 is a bit much for a picture, especially in the economy the way it is. The shower alone is costing an arm and a leg. I totally understand you need to make money. If you can help out thanks, if not well I tried.

  15. Babies Wear Organic Luigi Says:

    this is really nice and professional. I love it. Thanks and keep up the good work. Nice baby tips!

  16. Baby Shower Ideas Says:

    Sounds like a great game!

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