Gift Tags with a Purpose

If you visit this site regularly, you have no doubt seen the pretty little tab over on the right sidebar for our “It’s Your Day to GLOW” monthly giveaway.  We decided to create it after being inspired by the amazingly creative movement called “29 Days of Giving“,  where people are basically encouraged to give a gift to someone, no strings attached every day for 29 days (or on any regular basis).  The gift can be a smile, a coffee, a hand with heavy groceries, or, in our case, a $3,000 event planning package once a month! 


You don’t have to be a big company or a wealthy person to participate…its the little things we do for others that actually make us all a little richer.

Since the Holiday Season is well upon us, I thought I would share with you these sweet little gift cards you can purchase to help the cause.  Beyond the normal exchanging of presents, this time of year is RIPE with opportunities to help.  It would be kind of nice to leave this little “calling card” behind to encourage the recipient to Pay It Forward!

To order your own cards and to get more info, visit the 29 Day Giving Challenge.

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  1. Michelle @Everyday Celebrating Says:

    ‘Tis the season for giving!!!! Love the 29 Day idea!

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