The TRUTH Behind Jenna Bush’s Wedding Cake


The folks over at The Ultimate Cheesecake Bakery  just informed me of the real “scoop” behind that now infamous crooked cake photo released this week from Jenna Bush & Henry Hager’s wedding. 

Mary Jane Ontiveroz of the Ultimate Cheesecake in San Antonio decorated and delivered this cake. She has over 40+ years handling cakes. The cake, a combination tres leches/dulche de leche, did in fact have whipped icing. This is a very popular cake in south Texas and she has a lot of experience with it. The cake had all the necessary supports and was set-up completely straight. When Mary Jane asked where the floral was, she was told the florist would be finishing the cake. Mary Jane insisted to assist or do the floral herself! She was told that was not an option and escorted out by secret service ( not before getting a quick photo with George who was in the tent ). Our only guess is, the topper was to heavy or the florist did not use a ladder to place the arrangement directly in the center. Long story short…leave the entire cake to the pastry chef!!! Do not have people who cut flowers for a living stick them in your cake.

Excellent point.  Again, if nothing else, let this be a good reminder to Brides that even with the best of plans, things can (and often do) go awry.  Surrounding yourself with top-notch professionals and a vigilant wedding planner will keep most mistakes at bay, but a laid back attitude and a good sense of humor will help keep everything else in perspective.


And thanks again to The Ultimate Cheesecake  for setting the record straight!

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  1. Jenna Bush Celebrity Gossip | The TRUTH Behind Jenna Bush’s Wedding Cake Says:

    [...] The folks over at The Ultimate Cheesecake Bakery just informed me of the real “scoop” behind that now infamous crooked cake photo released this week from Jenna Bush & Henry Hager’s wedding. “Mary Jane Ontiveroz of the Ultimate … Source: The TRUTH Behind Jenna Bush’s Wedding Cake [...]

  2. Melissa Q Says:

    UGH! That had to suck. The good thing is that she looks so happy in the photo, so I’m ASSUMING, it didn’t bother her too much. But, let me say this, as a Mexican American and a Texan, I have to say that TRES LECHES (3 milks) cakes are popular throughout Texas and within our culture. They are soooooooo Freeegin good. ANYONE can have a taste of that type of cake if you can find a local PANADERIA or Mexican bakery. I’m sure it will taste about the same, and you will surely enjoy it. Good luck & GREAT BLOG!

  3. Andrew Says:

    Hi, I found your blog via Google while searching for Jenna Bush and your post regarding s Wedding Cake looks very interesting for me.

  4. wanda Says:

    Forgive me for my ignorance, but I thought the cake was designed to look that way. ( I have seen wedding cakes in glossy photos that look this way) It’s a kind of quirky design that some brides and grooms are favoring. Given the informality of the entire ceremony, it just seemed to fit. And because the bride and groom are smiling whole heartedly gives no indication to suggest otherwise. I think the ultimate lesson in all of this is that if the key players in a wedding don’t draw attention or focus on the things that aren’t exactly right about their event, neither will anyone else.

  5. edna Says:

    Her issue is not necesarily for the people who don’t see the cake. Its with those who see the cake and notice the cake going sideways. When you work hard to make a straight cake for such a big event and your name as a baker is going to be on it, you want your best out there. Not only other brides will see the cake, but other people in the business will too. And they will critique the cake and see whats wrong with it. She has every reason to be annoyed with this. I know I would have been too.

  6. Fran Says:

    Seems the florist would have had to remove the top of the cake to get the space for the flowers? or the cake wasn’t supported properly and it made a gap when they put the flowers on? Originally I thought the cake was suppose to look that way. My thoughts was she wanted a crooked cake, but was afraid to “go all the way” with all layers at an angle. Good reason to make sure you stay with the cake until the florist is finished. On my contract, I have a “not responsible for actions of florist” clause. The venue was probably difficult for all involved, just glad the SS did not poke it with probes looking for something “unusual”

  7. Tracy Says:

    As a professional baker for the last 28 years of wedding cakes, I have made it my point to make sure I take a Photo of each and every cake before I leave the reception hall. This insures me and the bride that when I left the cake it looked this away. No questions asked. So if something happened after I left it had nothing to do with my bakery. And I tell the bride that a photo will be taken at time of setup. I’m sorry but the cake of Jenna’s looked lack of support, putting a topper on would not have made the cake slide like that, (or sticking in a few flowers) weight or no weight, it just would not have happened. To me this cake melt down is the bakeries fault and lack there of. Oh the cake that was used for this wedding cake is considered a soft cake, and I would NOT recommending it for a stacked wedding cake to begin with, plus Texas heat and you have trouble from the get go. Bad all the way around.

  8. Mary Jane Says:

    Hi everyone! Just thought that I’d make a comment about the “truth” blog. It was written by a friend of mine, bless his heart!
    I have approximately 36 years of decorating experience, and some of those years were as a young novice. It was only by the grace of God that our bakery was chosen to make the Hager’s wedding cake, and we were all very excited and honored to be included in their special event. You can read the full story about my experiences in an article written by Mr. Doug Wead, a presidential historian, with whom I colaborated for several months regarding Jenna and Henry’s wedding cake. I don’t claim to be the best cake decorator–just a person who works very hard for a living doing what I enjoy! Take care and God bless!

  9. Amanda Samii Says:

    Helllooooo! As the daughter of the amazing Jeanne Samii, (baker of Jenna’s wedding cake and creator of The Ultimate Cheesecake Bakery) I can say that the reason The Ultimate Cheesecake Bakery was chosen is based upon the taste and quality of my mothers cakes. She is a master of her craft and has more than 30+ years of experience. If you haven’t tried her cakes/cookies/cupcakes/cheesecakes/bars/brownies….etc. You haven’t lived. trust me. :)

    You’d think i’d be 700lbs growing up with such delicious deserts in the house.

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