Its a Nice Day for a Red Wedding

I saw this ad the other day in a magazine and stopped cold.  Something about it spoke to me.  Granted, red IS my favorite color, but it was more than that.


Imagine, a room (or tent) completely bathed in red and sparkly platinum.  Red walls, red carpeting, beautiful red table linens on large square tables. Maybe a light, sparkly overlay.  Accents of black and silver everywhere.  Sleek all-silver chairs.  Platinum silver bars with fantastic lighting.  Oh, and speaking of lighting, really cool, contemporary chandeliers hanging everywhere overhead.    Bridesmaids in shades of silver, gray and black.  And the bride in her amazing white gown with platinum and crystal detail.  Wow. 

Wedding magazines are a great jumping off point, but don’t limit yourself to what every other bride is looking at for ideas.  Look for inspiration EVERYWHERE, even in appliance advertisements!  If you LOVE a picture, whether you can put your finger on “why” or not, keep it, set it aside, add to it.  Just like a fabulous interior designer, a good wedding planner will be able to look at everything you’ve gathered and detect a “theme”, even if its not obvious to you.    Then your wedding is a reflection of YOU, not just what everyone else is doing this year at weddings.

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2 Responses to “Its a Nice Day for a Red Wedding”

  1. Brinn66 Says:

    What an inspiration! I can totally picture how spectacular a wedding like this would be.

  2. ryann Says:

    Love this idea. Nothing against Mr. Tutera, but he is a little late to the party I think. You obviously have serious vision, girl.

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