Way Cool Wedding Videography

If the mere mention of a wedding video brings to mind grainy, raw footage with cheesy music playing behind even cheesier photo montages, then you haven’t seen a wedding video recently.  With the accessibility of high tech cameras and gadgets along with a new generation of professionals with real film making abilities, today’s wedding videos fall somewhere between a music video and scenes from a Gossip Girl episode.

I see a lot of wedding videos.  A LOT.  So when something like THIS crosses my desk, it definitely gets my attention.  Serious props to David Robin Films for this fun, fresh, unique “parody” (although I think it is above and beyond anything related to the original song/video).


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5 Responses to “Way Cool Wedding Videography”

  1. Ann Says:

    loved it!

  2. erica Says:

    oh my gosh! thanks so much for sharing this. lindsey and i just watched it in its entirety (something we rarely do when it comes to wedding videos) and LOVED it!

  3. Ashley Urke | Domestic Fashionista Says:

    LOVE this! I have been wanting to edit and put together a wedding video from our footage from the wedding. Will not by far be this creative…but inspiring to take the time to put together something fun!

  4. sprittibee Says:

    That is hilarious.

  5. Kim Says:

    Wow! Love this! Wish I could go back and redo our wedding video! Guess I should just be glad we have one. Thanks for sharing.

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