TUESDAY’S TIP: Halloween Fun!

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Check out this super fun Halloween idea that my dear friend Heidi in Texas just shared with me!   Every year Heidi buys 2 super-giant-mondo-huge Hershey Bars.  About a week or two before Halloween, she tapes one of the bars to the inside of the window by her front door with a sign that says “WIN THIS ON HALLOWEEN!”.

Of course as her children’s friends come and go in the days leading up to October 31, the news spreads and her window is no doubt covered in tiny fingerprints and drool.  While tall tales of the fabled woman and her house-made-of-candy spin throughout the schoolyard, Heidi prepares by filling a basket with small folded pieces of plain white paper and adds a pumpkin drawing to a few pieces (actually, she uses a cute little galvanized bucket that’s been in her family for like 100 years -or something absolutely precious and meaningful like that – but you and I can just use a little ol’ wicker basket).

Now, she did mention that you need to draw that pumpkin on the paper slip LIGHTLY, cuz you know who crafty those little goblins can be when it comes to trying to lay claim to a giant chocolate bar….anything too dark and they’ll see right through the paper!

Heidi buys two Hershey bars to give the kids more chances to win (they are about $2/each at Walmart right now) and gives the one NOT taped to her window away first.  Every trick-or-treater gets one chance to pick a winning ticket out of the bucket after they get their obligatory treat.  Since this is not an easy win, she does let every kid know that they can come back at the end of their trick-or-treating for another chance IF no one has won the candy bars by then (and no, you can’t come back and try again in ten minutes…she’s on to those sneaky spooks!).

I just think this is the cutest idea.  Heidi told me it has become quite a tradition in her neighborhood and she loves when the kids approaching her doorstep on Halloween have already heard about it and have been WAITING for their big chance to win!  So fun!  I personally can’t wait to introduce this great tradition to my neighborhood this year.

Do you have a fun Halloween tip or tradition that you’d like to share with the world?  Email me at robyn@mixmingleglow.com with your ideas and photos and maybe you’ll be the next reader to be featured here on the blog!

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2 Responses to “TUESDAY’S TIP: Halloween Fun!”

  1. Michelle@Everyday Celebrating Says:

    GREAT idea! I need to bookmark this for when my son is older and has more friends. LOL

  2. Amanda Says:

    It’s hard to tell but how big was that candy bar???

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