Brittany & Tyler (and a little ol’ waterspout)


The summer has been filled with weddings here on the Emerald Coast and while we have been BLESSED with nary a drop of oil on any Mix Mingle Glow weddings (nor any other that I personally know of), we have certainly been kept on our toes nonetheless.  This will be the summer I will never forget due to some crazy, unpredictable weather.  I’ll fill you in on the drama in the weeks to come (and why it is IMPERATIVE that you have a good, solid “Plan B”) but let’s start with the beautiful wedding of Brittany and Tyler.


One of the lovely things about getting married in or around Destin, FL is that we have the benefit of both gorgeous snow white beaches and tranquil, dolphin filled bays.  Brittany and Tyler were married overlooking the Choctawhatchee Bay (don’t worry if you can’t pronounce it; even the locals call it the “Choctaw Bay”!).


Brittany was the first Bride I ever worked with who didn’t come to me with an accordian file of magazine clippings and photos.  She knew exactly what her style was, and it was so easy to figure out exactly what she wanted her wedding to look like.  She was open to suggestions, listened to advice and was gracious in every way a Bride should be.


Tyler is a Guy’s Guy; football coach, sports enthusiast, all around great guy.   He’s also just a little bit sweet on his Bride. I just had to share this photo with you that Amanda Suanne caught of Tyler as we watched Brittany walk down the aisle (seriously, what Bride doesn’t want THIS reaction?)


Here are a few other shots of some details we had fun planning:






After the very emotional, spiritual ceremony, a sudden summer storm churned up over the water (really out of nowhere, as is known to happen in Florida) and with it, we watched as a waterspout approached and landed right onto the area where Brittany and Tyler had been reciting their vows just minutes before.  It was completely unexpected but we were able to rush everyone inside just in time.  It was a bit like watching that famous scene from The Wizard of Oz, as the chairs became airborne and the flowers were blown over and away.  Thankfully everyone was fine and all the guests were excited about experiencing such a unique Florida weather event (all while snapping photos of the moment!).

Within minutes, the excitement was over as fast as it began and the rest of the evening was wonderful.  I can NOT express how important it is to have a strong team of vendors for a wedding. Staying calm, cool and collected is our M.O. and I only work with those who strictly abide by the same motto!

Check out this beautiful slideshow Amanda Suanne created of the wedding and congratulations again to Brittany and Tyler.  Blessings for a long life together, you two!

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  1. Ruby Says:

    Beautiful Robyn. Simply beautiful.

  2. Sandra Says:

    Wow you did a fabulous job! Wish I was there.

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