If You Can’t Laugh At Yourself….

The past couple of months have been crazy.  CRAZY I tell ya!  Weddings every weekend, lots of weather (and other wedding related) drama (just wait…I’ll fill you in after I stop twitching), Oil in the Gulf, the kids out for summer vacation…

There is nothing that I love or appreciate more when life just gets way too serious than a good laugh.  I love this series of videos (you may recall when I have featured them on the blog in the past) and thought I’d share one with you.

So funny.


6 Responses to “If You Can’t Laugh At Yourself….”

  1. Chris @ Celebrations At Home Says:

    I just spent 10 minutes of my life watching these… and loved every bit of it! “LOL” “LOL” “LOL” ;D

  2. melissa paul Says:

    Robyn, thank you for the hysterical laughter this morning! thoroughly needed it having just gone through the stamp drama with yet another client… FUNNY!

  3. Robin Says:

    I have been a member on a wedding message board and yes, this is such a realistic scenario. I am cracking up watching it! The things brides get all up in arms over (yes, yes, even I did too!) is really pretty funny!

  4. Sally Lacorse Says:

    “The polar bear stamps are actually perfect cuz I’m getting married in a zoo!”
    OMG, I nearly spit out my Diet Coke! HAHAHA!
    Thank you for the laugh!!!!!

  5. Toni Says:

    Ok….that was way too funny!! And that lady has A LOT of time on her hands! She was hilarious!! (I can’t even type this without hearing her voice ACTING OUT what I’m writing! I wonder what she would wear……)

  6. The Party Goddess Says:

    Just tryin’ to see what my girl Beach Bomar is up to. You’re super funny and BTW, love that post on the mix and match chocolate situation! Love ya girl! xo M

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