She Blinded Me With Science

scienceparty10.jpg The Science themed birthday party I planned last month was sensational!  With lots of surprises and a healthy dose of messiness, the Junior Scientists split their time giggling and gasping, while tasting colorful fizzy concoctions, creating goopy cupcake designs, and performing astounding experiments.


Invitations were modified Periodic Tables (the elements were relabeled to read the party information) inserted into plastic test tubes.  We researched some great science-related organizations and asked guests to donate items off the supply list of a new after-school science club in Massachusetts.

scienceparty6.jpg scienceparty5.jpg

scienceparty11.jpg The party venue was a Children’s Science Museum so there were plenty of hands-on activities provided to keep the kids busy and happy.  (Most venues that cater to birthday parties will include things in their “packages” like paper products, goody bags, basic room decor and even a cake.  Do not be afraid to ask if you can bring in your own decor and party supplies.  We opted to forgo the standard Happy Birthday items provided by the venue and bring in all our own stuff.).

scienceparty12.jpg Party Guests loved their own lab coats (men’s white dress shirts-check Goodwill), goggles and lab gloves (Dollar Store).  Colored apple juice served in test tubes, lots of dry ice, food coloring, and science materials from a teaching supply store makes this party easy to recreate! scienceparty9.jpg

And since no Science-related event is complete without the obligatory Mentos-in-the-Coke-bottle experience (use diet soda; it makes the mess less sticky), the grand finale was to take the party outside where we drew a crowd with lots of “oohs and ahhs”.

Birthday Girl’s parting words: “Best Party EVER“.

For lots more photos with specific details and resources of this event, hop on over to our Facebook Fan Page.

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6 Responses to “She Blinded Me With Science”

  1. Ruby Says:

    Another great idea from the Mix Mingle Glow store. I always enjoy reading your little unique touches such as the invites created to look like a periodic table and how you brought in your own items to forego the cheesy decorations we all seem to get stuck with at venues like a science center.

  2. Onna Says:

    What a fantastic party! :)

  3. Sandy Says:

    This is awesome! Where were you when I was kid?

  4. Dewey Says:

    Great ideas.

  5. susan@pocacosas Says:

    how fun! we did the diet coke and mentos “experiment” at our back to school party & the boys loved it!

  6. Jessica Says:

    Putting the invitations in test tubes is a fantastic idea!

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