Real Wedding: Tiffany & Alan


Tiffany is ridiculous: RIDICULOUSLY sweet and unassuming, RIDICULOUSLY gorgeous, RIDICULOUSLY kind (she’s an ER pediatric nurse).  People adore this girl.

Alan is painful:  PAINFULLY gracious, PAINFULLY hard working (he’s a successful entrepreneur), PAINFULLY in love.  Everyone loves him.

Seriously, a Match Made in Heaven.

I had so much fun planning this wedding with Tiffany.  She was open to all my ideas and knew just what she wanted.    Tiffany and Alan decided to have their ceremony overlooking the Bay side of Sandestin with lots of traditional roses in shades of pink and touches of tropical green cymbidium orchids.  It was the perfect complement to their Kentucky roots and their Florida beach nuptials.

After the ceremony, we arranged for a shuttle to take the wedding party over to the beach where Candice K captured some of my all time favorite shots while the guests enjoyed an amazing outdoor cocktail hour.  The salmon colored bridesmaid dresses from JCrew looked spectacular on the beach right before sunset!

Some sweet personal touches included the Bride’s brother officiating the wedding and her sorority sisters gathering around the Bride and Groom during the reception, hand in hand, serenading the happy couple.

I’ll let Candice’s gorgeous photography tell the rest of the story, but since everyone loves to hear the behind the scenes stories, here are a few reasons we were glad Tiffany had a Wedding Planner!:

~ The Bride and Bridesmaids were enjoying a lovely pre-ceremony photoshoot outside of the Bride’s vacation rental, when we discovered the Groom and Groomsmen were going to be driving right by on their way to the ceremony.  A quick phone call to the Best Man’s cell kept us up to date on their location so I could quickly grab the bride and hide her behind a bush as the guys drove by, completely oblivious!

~ The wind picked up before the ceremony, causing concern for the rose petal aisle that was planned.  Not to be deterred, our rockstar floral team whipped out a can of spray adhesive and those petals didn’t move one bit!

~ The assistant to the pastry chef inadvertently placed the cake on his standard cake plate and delivered it during the ceremony.  During cocktail hour, before the guests had come into the reception, I realized the oversight.  I don’t even want to know how, but he was able, in less than 2 minutes, transfer the cake, completely unscathed, to the cake plate the Bride’s mother had dropped off to the kitchen earlier in the week before anyone was the wiser.

~The adorable flower girl, although prepped and rehearsed, caught a case of stage fright at the very last second.  Without hesitation, we calmly instructed the rest of the Bridal Party to casually walk right past her and continue the processional without any incident or commotion.   Amazingly, Miss Flower Girl stood perfectly still and let everyone pass her, and then calmly walked to her mother and sat down.

LESSON:  Nothing is perfect and things WILL happen, but your Wedding Planner will save the day!



tiffanytowles4.jpg tiffanytowles6.jpg







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9 Responses to “Real Wedding: Tiffany & Alan”

  1. Onna Says:

    WOA what a beaituful wedding. It is of upmost importance to have a planner for your wedding and you surely point out every reason why one should.

    Great pics from Candice K and great planning by you missy! :) Beauitful wedding, extremely beautiful couple.

  2. melissa paul Says:

    okay, so much to say on this post:

    LOVE the tone of the text, well written and a joy to read, feel as if I’m there; STUNNING photos and plenty of them; ACCURATE depiction of how the day will enfold – i.e. without perfection but with grace and sentiment; that TRUST in your wedding planner is key; candid moments and sweet details (love that her brother married them) make the DIFFERENCE; and of course, the GORGEOUS PEOPLE! I mean, really, one beautiful face after another…

  3. Donna Says:

    The pictures on the beach are INSANE! Just gorgeous! I always try to encourage brides to get a coordinator no matter the budget. Your services are invaluable to a “perfect” day.

  4. Rudy Says:

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. You probably have a similar list of Snafu’s for each wedding reinforcing the need for your services.

  5. Brinn66 Says:

    This wedding is beautiful. You are so talented. Your ability to problem solve quickly is such a strength. I always enjoy seeing your never ending attention to detail.

  6. Brianne Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Jen Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the photography – great job ! And the Bride is totally adorable !!!!! Gorgeous wedding !

  8. janice Says:

    WOW. Amazing. Photography! The one with the close-up of the bride putting on her make-up, was brilliant and breath-taking! The shots of the couple on the beach too, amazing. I love the color contrast between the water, and the couple & the sand. Outstanding work!

  9. amber Says:

    Great job! Just perfect

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