My 10 Favorite Things #5 – Last Day to Enter!!



Gift wrapping can be a tedious job and unless you have a lot of time on your hands, creativity can start to feel stifled with the run-of-the-mill essentials.  Enter DECORATIVE TAPE to spice up the boring routine of wrap, ribbons and bows!  Available in countless colors and patterns, this fun addition to your gift wrap (and craft) collection makes it fun to wrap again!  Simplify by keeping a few solid colored rolls of gift wrap and several of these tapes on hand and you’ll be able to create a myriad of pretty packages! DECORATIVE TAPE is definitely one of My Favorite Things (Check out your local craft stores or visit Fancy That or Happy Tape online to order your own.) 


Remember on the first day of the My Favorite Things posts when I featured the invitations and mentioned everyone was asked to bring a gift for a specified child in their WALLET-SIZED REUSABLE SHOPPING BAG


When guests arrived, they dropped off their item in the Gift Wrapping Room.  This room was where they could not only pick up their complimentary SCOTCH POP-UP TAPE DISPENSERS and DECORATIVE TAPE, but also receive some fun, clever gift wrapping tips and wrap the item they donated. 


Boxes, cutters, wrapping paper, tissue were all available, as well as unexpected items like colored labels, funky mohair yarns, tiny ornaments and glittery pipe cleaners.  Guests could also experiment with the DECORATIVE TAPE and their new POP-UP TAPE DISPENSERS (with plenty of refills on hand).  Some of those ladies showed off some mad wrapping skills, I tell ya!


The end result was a room filled with wrapped gifts to be donated to local families at a domestic abuse shelter.  I felt like The Big Guy himself delivering all those giant bags of toys and clothes! 



OK, now TONIGHT at MINDNIGHT, I will randomly draw a winner to receive all Ten Favorite Things (we still have four more good ones to cover here on the blog!) so don’t forget to click HERE to read about my first Favorite Thing and scroll down to the bottom of that post to leave a comment .  Don’t miss your chance…it’s a very fun prize!  In response to the emails, yes, if you attended the My Favorite Things event you are still eligible to win another bag for yourself or a friend…what a fun hostess gift THAT would be!!

Come back tomorrow to find out who won and to see My #4 Favorite Thing from this great party!

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4 Responses to “My 10 Favorite Things #5 – Last Day to Enter!!”

  1. Karen Says:

    Never have heard of it. Where have I been? HIDING UNDER A ROCK? So stinking cute! Love that tape!

  2. Melissa Says:

    Oh my gosh! LOVE the tape! Why didn’t you do this earlier so I could ask for some tape in my stocking??

  3. Brinn66 Says:

    It’s 10:03 PM and I’m hoping you pick me!

  4. Ruby Says:

    Love the tape! Love it!

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