The World’s Cutest Cookies

We see a LOT of personalized stuff in our office.  Just about everything you can imagine can be monogrammed or customized.  My goodness, last year when I went on the hunt for the most unusual personalized items for weddings and special events, even WE were surprised at some of the cool stuff we found here here here here and here !

But when we saw these cookies….Parker’s Crazy Cookies, to be exact…we flipped!
Honestly, NEVER seen anything like them.  Have you? 


Cutest.  Cookies.  Ever.

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8 Responses to “The World’s Cutest Cookies”

  1. Stef Says:

    How cool!! I’ve never seen that before.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    So cute!!

  3. Dionne C Says:

    Oh my goodness, these are precious! What a lovely favor they’d make!

  4. Liz (The Wedding Bistro) Says:

    That last cookie is really amazing. So cute! Great find!

  5. Jodi {In Any Event} Says:

    Love it! Never seen anything like it before. Thanks for sharing this amazing find. I’m gonna file this one away, for sure!

  6. justJENN Says:

    That is truly amazing.

  7. Donna Says:

    I have never seen those before…too cute!

  8. Ruby Says:

    Cute. Cute. Very Cute!

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