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A Centerpiece For Everybunny

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Easter is right around the corner and this is one of my favorite centerpieces.  I originally posted it last year and thought I’d bring it back for a simple, organic, inexpensive springtime tablescape.


Way Cuter Than Those Little Boxed Cards

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Instead of giving (and receiving) these:


Or contributing to the increasing childhood obesity rate with these:


Why not have your children make and give these to their classmates for Valentine’s Day?:


Super cute, right??  Personalized door hangers are simple for even the youngest children to make and last longer than a boring little card, but don’t add to that dreadful pile of candy that none of us really want or need!

These are even perfect for boys (who aren’t into the whole lovey-dovey pink hearts and cupids):


Packs of blank foam door hangers are available at the Dollar Tree in various colors and sizes and there are several styles of alphabet stickers at craft stores.  I recommend sorting the letters and grouping them into resealable sandwich bags for younger children so you can give them their class list and let them select the letters to spell the names of their classmates themselves with ease.



Add a pack of foam Valentine stickers and let the creativity begin!



New Year, New Changes (and New Post…FINALLY!)

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Happy 2011!! (just a few weeks late.)So much going on at Mix Mingle Glow, I can’t WAIT to share it with you.  We love our Brides, and we are already getting excited talking to and planning with so many new couples this year.  To make things even better,  2011 is going to bring some awesome changes; something that I am most passionate about…

Ever since my birthday last year when I shared my day of 30 Random Acts of (Birthday) Kindness, my life has kind of changed.  The activities and residual blessings in a very deep, personal way alone were amazing.  But then there were all the emails…wow.  That single crazy post – the one I almost never posted at all for fear it would sound self-serving and boastful – took on  a life of it’s own.  I’ve made “friends” and connections with some pretty amazing people all over the (virtual) world as a result.  In addition to the private emails from people who were inspired to do something similar to celebrate their own birthdays, there have been online Message Forums discussing it from a parenting perspective, charities and non-profits Twittering about how such a concept could benefit their cause, a radio station who wanted to talk to me about it on air, a Canadian philanthropist/TV personality who became my Facebook friend, a newspaper that featured the story, a magazine that has recently inquired about printing it and countless blogs who have shared the experience.

This has all left me thinking, over and over again…..WHAT AM I TO DO WITH THIS EXPERIENCE?  I am not one to just chalk it up to a single life experience and move on without a second thought.  This little thing surprisingly resonated with many others and  I just knew there was something else to be done as a result.

A few months ago it became very clear to me that there is something MUCH bigger at work here and I need to use it as a catalyst for what I can do in this world to honestly help make it a better place.  I mulled it over in my brain, prayed about it, talked with a few trusted friends about it and waited to have a clear direction before I proceeded.

Then, last week, I heard about Joanne Heim.

Joanne is a pretty amazing woman, wife, mom and friend to many who writes the blog The Simple Wife. At 38 years old, she suffered a massive stroke on Tuesday, January 11.

As I have followed her husband’s updates on Twitter and the blog posts of some of her family and friends and have prayed diligently for her healing, I have realized something about life.This precious woman, the same age as me, has done some pretty incredible things in her relatively short life.  She’s written 3 books, writes for at least 2 blogs that I know of, and has become deeply involved in relationships with friends she has met as a result of both.  I know there are probably MANY more things she has accomplished and fully trust and believe that she will be healed and continue to help change lives all around her.  But what has struck me is that if Joanne never did another thing on this Earth, she has already done SO MUCH to make it a better place for so many.  It has reminded me of that saying that it’s what you do “in the dash” of your life (you know, that little line that sits between the day we are born and the day we leave) that really matters.

Soooooo, in addition to planning weddings and parties here at MMG, there will be something more.  A whole new division, if you will, that will help others use the celebrations of their lives to bless others and make a real impact on this world of ours.  Stay tuned as we get the kinks out and work on setting up some pretty cool things.I could have waited until it was all “up and running” before sharing it with you.

But then I would have wasted a little more time filling in The Dash.  And it’s short enough as it is.

**photo credit: Kristen Haufschild, kh photography

TUESDAY’S TIP: Halloween Fun!

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

(This is a special Blog Edition of TUESDAY’S TIP.  For more Tips and Tricks delivered right to you every week, please visit the Mix Mingle Glow Facebook Fan Page and “Like” us there!)

Check out this super fun Halloween idea that my dear friend Heidi in Texas just shared with me!   Every year Heidi buys 2 super-giant-mondo-huge Hershey Bars.  About a week or two before Halloween, she tapes one of the bars to the inside of the window by her front door with a sign that says “WIN THIS ON HALLOWEEN!”.

Of course as her children’s friends come and go in the days leading up to October 31, the news spreads and her window is no doubt covered in tiny fingerprints and drool.  While tall tales of the fabled woman and her house-made-of-candy spin throughout the schoolyard, Heidi prepares by filling a basket with small folded pieces of plain white paper and adds a pumpkin drawing to a few pieces (actually, she uses a cute little galvanized bucket that’s been in her family for like 100 years -or something absolutely precious and meaningful like that – but you and I can just use a little ol’ wicker basket).

Now, she did mention that you need to draw that pumpkin on the paper slip LIGHTLY, cuz you know who crafty those little goblins can be when it comes to trying to lay claim to a giant chocolate bar….anything too dark and they’ll see right through the paper!

Heidi buys two Hershey bars to give the kids more chances to win (they are about $2/each at Walmart right now) and gives the one NOT taped to her window away first.  Every trick-or-treater gets one chance to pick a winning ticket out of the bucket after they get their obligatory treat.  Since this is not an easy win, she does let every kid know that they can come back at the end of their trick-or-treating for another chance IF no one has won the candy bars by then (and no, you can’t come back and try again in ten minutes…she’s on to those sneaky spooks!).

I just think this is the cutest idea.  Heidi told me it has become quite a tradition in her neighborhood and she loves when the kids approaching her doorstep on Halloween have already heard about it and have been WAITING for their big chance to win!  So fun!  I personally can’t wait to introduce this great tradition to my neighborhood this year.

Do you have a fun Halloween tip or tradition that you’d like to share with the world?  Email me at with your ideas and photos and maybe you’ll be the next reader to be featured here on the blog!

How to Propose 2010

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Remember when a guy would wait for that one quiet moment, sometime during an intimate dinner or while watching the sunset, to ask his girl to marry him?  That minute, frozen in time, a memory only reserved for those two people?

Yeah, well, welcome to 2010.

Flash mobs, props, public spaces and cameras are all  the rage in the “Will You Marry Me?” market today.

While public displays and viral videos might not be for everyone, you gotta hand it to some of these guys.  They are really getting creative.  Take, for example, Woodrow, a recent circus school graduate who got some of his buddies in the filmmaking biz to set up a faux documentary being filmed in the middle of Madison Square Park in NYC.  Someone approaches Woodrow as he strolls through the park with his beloved, Claudine, and asks him for a quick interview for his documentary (all of which is entirely believable on any given day in any given locale in the Big Apple).  After some convincing, the filmmaker tells Claudine to have a seat for a minute while he takes Woodrow a few feet away to ask him a few questions. Next thing you know, music starts playing and …well, the rest is soon to be viral video history.

The video is clever, funny, goofy and endearing to say the least.  Take a look for yourself and tell me, what do you think?  Would you like a proposal like this or are you more of a private moment kind of person?

Save the Dates 2010

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Save the Dates are still a relatively new concept in weddings (they’ve really gained popularity over the last 10 years).  It is nice to give your guests a heads-up well in advance of when they’ll actually receive their invitations so that they can plan accordingly, especially if they are coming in from out of town and travel arrangements will need to be made.

Of course there are so many cute ideas for Save the Dates, but if you think the basic paper and ink routine is really soooo 2008, then don’t be discouraged.  Clever couples are doing everything from handstamping vintage hankies   (LOVE!) to having some serious photobooth fun.




Of course you can buy things like magnets (except not everyone’s fridge is magnetic anymore) and calendar stickers as well.  These pens are a clever idea too!


My personal favorite way to announce the Big News and ask family and friends to Save the Date is with a video.  You don’t have to be super fly with the camera or know how to do a bunch of special effects to make your video special (let’s face it….most of us are not like Dana and Hunter!).  A video is fun and sweet and you can email it to all your friends, post it on Facebook and Twitter and everyone will LOVE it!

Take a look at this adorable Save The Date I just received.  (The fact that I taught the Bride when she was in Kindergarten Sunday School is really not the point here…although I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how she went from being an adorable toothless five year old to this beautiful college graduate!).

Let’s Celebrate Our Mommy!

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

mothersdayparty.pngHope you had a lovely Mother’s Day.  I certainly did.  I just had to share with you the cutest thing my family did for me yesterday.  Now, I normally don’t feature anything about a holiday that has already passed…no need to torture you with what you COULD have done!  However, this is so cute and honestly could be used for anytime Mom deserves a special celebration (and let’s face it…when don’t we?).

Linnette is offering an entire Mother’s Day party printable download for FREE on her adorable website called Paper Glitter!  She is so talented (toy designer extraordinaire by day, graphic designer by night!) and generous…check out all the other freebies she offers on her site.  Linnette also has an Etsy shop where she offers loads more cute printable goods perfect for your next party or just to make any ordinary occasion special.

My husband printed out the items and my 3 daughters told me how much fun they had cutting and gluing all the pieces and setting the table especially for me!  With everyone wearing party hats that all say “Mommy” and cupcake flags that declare “Let’s Celebrate Our Mommy“, it was by far the sweetest Mother’s Day I’ve ever had!